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Full Online Backup

Full Backup

When disaster strikes, restoring a full backup is the only way to get your computer back, working exactly the way it was.  Until now, online backup has NOT been a full backup or a disaster recovery solution. It is only a backup of your documents, photos, etc., NOT your software programs and system files. Hybir Backup is Full Online Backup.

Full Online Backup

Offsite and Online

Storing your backups offsite is safer than storing them with your computer. Any disaster that happens to your computer could also happen to your backups. The best solution is to store your backups in a secure data center. The easiest way to get them there is by backing up online with Hybir Backup.

Full Online Backup

Multiple Copies

Hybir backup stores multiple copies of each backup in our data centers on a redundant grid of servers. Hybir also stores the last 30 days of backups so you can go back in time and restore what you need with confidence.

Full Online Backup

Multiple Destinations

Hybir Backup can backup online and locally to a network share or hard drive, or both.

Full Online Backup

Easier to use

Super simple install and zero configuration. You do have to enter your username and password. You don’t have to choose which files to backup. Hybir Backup automatically backs up your computer's main hard drive daily by default. You can, of course, change what is backed up and when it is backed up.

Full Online Backup


Hybir Backup utilizes the most advanced form of SSL / TLS 3.0 transport encryption and available private key encryption AES-256, which is approved for government classified data use.

Full Online Backup

Bare Metal Restore

Restoring your computer to a brand new hard drive or fixing one that won’t boot is as easy as booting a recovery CD.

Full Online Backup

Faster Backups

Hybir Backup leverages all the data it has ever backed up for everyone, such as Windows, programs & media files. That means your backups happen in record time. Other data we don’t already have like your private photos are compressed and sent once.

Full Online Backup

Faster Restores

Hybir backup can optionally use local backup repositories to greatly speed up restores, even one that you never actually backed up to. Hybir Backup will download data that isn’t available locally, while copying data that is from the local repository. During the restore Hybir Backup will restore only data that is actually different or missing. This greatly reduces the time it takes to fix a broken computer.

Full Online Backup


Hybir Backup is free to use with your own backup destinations and supports multiple users.For the ultimate in protection try our online service free for 14 days. Pricing is as low as $4.19/Month. Try it now free, no obligation and no credit card.

compatible with windows 7

Hybir Backup named “Software product of the year” – The DaVinci Institute

SVP at a PC manufacturer
“This is game changing technology.”

“This is beyond incremental ”

Head of Engineering at a PC manufacturer
“Do you know how many people are working on this problem? Do you know how many companies are working on this problem? You walk in here and you have the problem solved!”
Hybir User
This is like having a better version of Apple’s Time Machine but for Windows…
Patti Udin
Owner Eagles Nest Enterprises
My computer crashed because of a virus that just wiped out all of my settings and connections. After removing the virus, Hybir “magically” reinstalled EVERYTHING to its original state!!! It is truly amazing and I am forever grateful because so much data would have been lost!
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